Gelli Baff Lava Red

Turn water into jelly and back again!

What is Gelli Baff?

Now you can turn your little ones’ wash-time into a slurpy, gunky, colorful muddle with Gelli Baff. Just pour this magical mix into the warm bathwater and watch as it turns it into sqidgy, slimy goo- perfect for sliding about in and far more fun than boring water! 

Just imagine, you can pretend you’re swimming through red lava, squatting in swampy green glunge or bathing in blue bleurgh. It really is gloop-tastically entertaining stuff. 

Is it safe?

Due to its density, Gelli Baff preserves heat perfectly, so you can play it longer than in regular water! Gelli Baff is 100% safe — this toy is made in England from 100% of natural substances. The gel does not irritate the skin and does not stain.

How to play?

Gelli Baff turns swimming into a creative gameplay, develops motor skills and coordination, sensory perception and imagination! Children love to mess around in this colored "dirty"!

For example, you can search the swamp for small toys and find out what it is. You can ask the kid to describe what he feels and together come up with a fairy tale story. It is possible to demonstrate the magic of water transformation into gel and back.

By the way, you can play not only in the tub, but also in the inflatable pool outdoors or in an ordinary basin, as in a sandbox. This is a great idea for a kid party! Gelli Baff keeps the consistency for weeks, until YOU want to dissolve it.

What's the right age?

This is an excellent gift for children aged 3-12 years. In proof of this - Slime & Gelli Baff have a huge number of awards and 2.5 billion views on Youtube. Wow!

Among the fans of Gelli Baff, not only children, but also adults! Take a bath in the jelly - it's like that in the SPA salon go :-) Literally!

How to wash off Gelli Baff?

When the fun’s done, just add the dissolver sachet and the goo turns back into bathwater. How clever is that!

Magic? Maybe. Fun? Definitely! 

Product Specifications

Made in UK. 100% natural product. 40 times cheaper than kinetic sand.

Package dimensions:
13.3 x 20 x 4.8 cm

Weight: 0.346 kg

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