101 Graduation Scratch Poster

Define your student life forever

Mark all your classic milestones along the way with the “101 things to do before you graduate poster”. Whether it be Beer Pong or Misplacing a Traffic Cone, capture the event in time, as you scratch your way through 101 (mis)adventures that will define your student life forever, revealing the colourful illustrations below.

The more you scratch off, the more colourful the poster becomes!

Product Specifications

101 Graduation Scratch Poster

High quality gift packaging with plastic end caps featuring 2 x FREE 'pop-out' scratch tools. Large format poster (58 x 82cm or 22.8 x 32.3 inches).

Package dimensions:
6.6 x 63 x 6.6 cm

Weight: 0.3 kg

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Make sure you get the full Uni-experience with the help of this fun student bucket list! The 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate Scratch Poster is a glossy poster depicting hundred and one activities, some of which most students will at some point come across... Read more →

How on earth did you find about this ancient thing? Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. Luckily, we have tons of new gifts that are even more extraordinary and hilarious. Use the catalog to find a truly original gift!