Bracelet Flask

Sometimes life calls for a drink

If you're hard-up for some booze while on the go, and just need a shot or two of whiskey to hold you over, this bracelet flask might be for you. Able to hold 2.5 oz of liquor right on your wrist, the bracelet flask is great for sneaking into concerts or sports stadiums, for going to a musical with your wife, going to church, or just attending a funeral.

Product Specifications

Bracelet Flask

Capacity: 3 oz.

Package dimensions:
11 x 11 x 4 cm

Weight: 0.181 kg

Customer Action Shots

Don't be shy! If you have it - show it off!

Perfect for situations that require subtle sipping, this bangle flask might be the most utilitarian and stylish accessory you own. Read more →

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