Shaun the Sheep Heatable Toy

The star of an animated saga

People in Thailand are celebrating Pineapple Harvest Festival and relaxing after the carnival on Bonair island, Parrot Festival on the shores of Limpopo river is just stating as New Zealand celebrates the National flip-flop day....meanwhile, the inhabitants of the ancient Livonia sit in their sleds or on snowmobiles, dress in raincoats and rubber boots and are happy for the rare appearances of the Sun, pick snowdrops and wait for the first September to come.

So, how to avoid failure when choosing a gift for the successor of a Latvian Rifleman or the granddaughter of a northerner? How can you surprise us - the rough soul-mates of gray peas and fern flowers?

Piece of advice from “Mojo-Jojo!”. Choose something warm or heatable, with sufficient amount of wool, or something fluffy that smells of lavender. Something that can be use all year round and can be put onto the hurting body parts in case of freezophobia or shiverophilia.

Product Specifications

Shaun the Sheep Heatable Toy

Package dimensions:
10.5 x 31 x 11 cm

Weight: 0.78 kg

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How on earth did you find about this ancient thing? Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. Luckily, we have tons of new gifts that are even more extraordinary and hilarious. Use the catalog to find a truly original gift!

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