Sun Jar

Sunshine storage system

Who told you that modern art has to be strange and cause confusion, anger and loss of apetite?

For instance, we think that the avant-garde designer Toby Bong has done a great job in combining cosmic technologies and a cookie jar.

A matt glass jar with a solar panel, a photocell and a diode. Leave it in a well-lit place during the day where it can catch the sun beams. And as soon as the darkness falls upon the city, the jar will shed warm sunlight all around.

The device is not afraid of the rain, it is sealed as hermetically as grandmas jam. So if you wish you can leave it on the porch, where it will attract moths and bees.

This extraordinary lamp combined with your self-composed poems will melt the heart of your chosen one, mom, and youngsters who like to put pants inside their boots.

And if poems and other overly-sweet texts like "Oh, you are my light in this kingdom of darkness..." is not your cup of tee, simply invited your friends over for a liter of sunlight and raise your glasses "To photosynthesis!"

Product Specifications

Sun Jar

The "Sun" is fully charged in three hours and emits light for five. In winter or on cloudy days it can use some help from an AA battery. 

Attenton! The best way to charge the "Sun" is outdoors or in a direct sunlight.

Package dimensions:
12.5 x 19.5 x 19.5 cm

Weight: 1.011 kg

Batteries: AA x 1

Batteries included.

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