XXL Plasma Ball

A classic by Nikola Tesla

The plasma ball, patented in 1894 by the inventor Nikola Tesla, is a classic design icon from the 80's. 

It consists of a clear glass sphere, which is filled with a tenuous gas. There is an electrode inside the sphere, which receives a high electric voltage and the plasma beams from the central electrode radiate towards the sphere, creating fantastic multi-colored light beams. By touching the lamp with your hand the light beams follow the movements of your fingers.

Product Specifications

XXL Plasma Ball

Diameter of the sphere: 15 cm.

Package dimensions:
17 x 26.1 x 17 cm

Weight: 0.595 kg

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By the way, if you are holding a gas-discharge lamp (even a broken one) in the distance of 5 - 20 cm from the plasma lamp it will start glowing in your hands!