Ocean Projector Pot and Speaker

Transforming environment into a relaxing tropical lagoon

Everyone of us is having a dream to spend some time on the shores of Caribbean sea, drinking some colourful coctail with that little umbrella in it, watching the orange sunset… Oh gosh, daydreamed again…. But yeah, now this is possible, to make your own Caribbean waves on your ceiling.

This wonderful pot will project the waves of Caribbean sea right on your ceiling, either it is your bedroom, living room or even bathroom. Yeah, thats right. Now you can enjoy your bubble bath with this projector and just dream about, how nice it would be sitting on a beach…. You know what, i think i will take one of these for myself.

Product Specifications

Ocean Projector Pot and Speaker

Package dimensions:
14.3 x 16.5 x 14.5 cm

Weight: 0.535 kg

Batteries: 4 x AA

Batteries not included.

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