Love is... Bubble Gum

The legend of the 90s!

It has two flavors, symbolizing the love between two fruits. The flavor disappears after approximately 20 minutes of active chewing, just like in the good old days. :-)

The wrappers, with drawings by the British artist Bill Asprey, depict different expressions of realtionships and funny definitions of love in Russian and English. For example, "Love is cooking him a dessert when you are on a diet" or "Love is telling her that she already possesses everything that one can wish for Christmas".

Product Specifications

Love is... Bubble Gum

Package dimensions:
13.5 x 7.2 x 10 cm

Weight: 0.003 kg

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The legendary "Love is..." bubble gum reached its peak of glory in the 90's. Read more →

  • Blue box (100 pcs.) - strawberry
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